State Grid New Energy Cloud Carbon Neutral Demonstration Application Scenarios Released in Huzhou, Zhejiang

State Grid New Energy Cloud Carbon Neutral Demonstration Application Scenarios Released in Huzhou, Zhejiang

On June 4, the “Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutral” Digital Economy Platform Construction Seminar was held in Huzhou, Zhejiang. The meeting held the inauguration ceremony of the State Grid’s new energy cloud carbon neutral innovation practice base, and released three application scenarios of the new energy cloud carbon neutral support service platform “carbon code”, “carbon benefit” and “carbon benefit loan”. In the future, Huzhou government departments and enterprises can use the new energy cloud carbon neutral support service platform to implement carbon management by classification and layering, and guide energy, industry, agriculture and other key areas to promote low-carbon transformation.

This year, State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power Co., Ltd. focused on the goal of carbon peak and carbon neutrality, deepened the application of big data and cloud computing, and successively launched a series of digital products to explore the realization path of carbon peak and carbon neutral target provinces. The launch of the carbon neutral support service platform this time promotes the city’s enterprises, industries, and districts and counties’ carbon emission big data to go to the cloud, to achieve industry “carbon monitoring”, precise positioning of corporate “carbon footprints”, and joint implementation of “carbon incentives” by government and enterprises , Panoramic deepens the wisdom of “carbon application”, and realizes the whole process of new energy management and service through digital drive.

At present, the new energy cloud carbon neutral support service platform has completed the construction of 7 modules and 18 functional applications, fully accessing the energy data of all enterprises in Huzhou City, such as coal, oil, gas, electric heating, and creating “carbon offset”, “carbon inclusive” and “carbon” Innovative carbon products such as “Finance” and “Carbon Technology” demonstrate and lead the clean transformation and safe and efficient use of energy. At the same time, the platform accesses the energy consumption data of seven government departments in Huzhou City by region, industry, and enterprise, covering power, public institution energy consumption, corporate energy and economics, and industrial energy consumption data.

The conference also announced the launch of the three application scenarios of “carbon code”, “carbon benefit” and “carbon benefit loan”. The “Carbon Efficiency Code” has completed the code assignment and quarterly dynamic updates of more than 3,700 regulated enterprises in 381 industries in Huzhou, and will be applied in scenarios such as green factory rating and differentiated electricity prices. “carbon benefit” will build a “Taobao” carbon inclusive trading platform to match the purchase of photovoltaic carbon emission reductions, help the development of the photovoltaic industry, promote the realization of photovoltaic carbon value, and guide the whole society to participate in carbon neutrality. “carbon benefit loan”, through the joint financial authority, opened up the Green Loan Link platform, established a “carbon efficiency” comprehensive evaluation system, combined with green loan ratings, and offered preferential loans and interest rates to high-carbon efficiency companies and technological upgrading projects.

In the next step, State Grid Zhejiang Electric will continue to serve the government with the help of new energy cloud, help optimize carbon peaking, carbon neutrality work organization methods, methods and tools, explore the formation of support mechanisms such as carbon finance and carbon insurance, and build support mechanisms covering certification, points, Diversified carbon inclusive mechanisms such as the verification of emission reduction assets provide a full range of support services for carbon peaking and carbon neutrality.

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