5G + Digital Grid has entered the stage of large-scale application

5G + Digital Grid has entered the stage of large-scale application

On July 1, at the awards ceremony of the 2021 World Mobile Communications Conference (MWC2021) in Barcelona, ​​Spain, the “5G+Digital Grid” project jointly created by China Southern Power Grid, China Mobile and Huawei won the “Best Mobile Innovation Award for the Interconnected Economy” “This is the most valuable and well-known award in the global communications field, representing the highest level in the communications field, and is known as the “Oscar” of the mobile communications industry.

Since 2018, China Southern Power Grid has worked with industrial partners such as operators, equipment manufacturers, scientific research institutions, etc., to achieve comprehensive breakthroughs in top-level architecture design, international standard formulation, core technology research, business operation management, etc., and formed the characteristics of adapted power Demand-based customized 5G application solutions have explored a sustainable development path of “5G + Digital Grid” that requires technology, theory formation standards, and application incubation ecology, creating a number of “industry firsts.”

“5G+Digital Grid” has entered the stage of large-scale application. Relying on the National Development and Reform Commission’s special 5G infrastructure construction project, China Southern Power Grid has built a “5G+Digital Grid” demonstration zone in Mingzhu Bay, Nansha District, Guangzhou. It is the first in the industry to open end-to-end dedicated power slices and general-purpose power slices based on 5G commercial networks. Through the different flexible soft and hard isolation technologies of the 5G access network, bearer network and core network, the security and effectiveness of the offloading and forwarding of power business data within the power slice are guaranteed, and 51 types of power grids covering “generation, transmission, transformation and distribution” are realized The end-to-end network test, business verification, and trial operation of the network in the whole business scenario have opened up the end-to-end operation and maintenance process of power slices from ordering, configuration, opening, and monitoring. Different slices do not affect each other, quality can be guaranteed, and status Can be monitored.

In Longgang District, Shenzhen, China Southern Power Grid took the lead in launching the trial commercialization of 82 terminals in seven business scenarios of “transmission, transformation and distribution”, and successfully put into operation the industry’s first 5G distribution network differential protection line and the first 5G network load interaction system.

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