Mechanical and Electronic Design


  • Product Appearance
  • Product Structure
  • DFM
  • S/W Solid work
  • FMEA, PFMEA support

Mechanical parts (Plastic + Metal)

  • Parts Design
    • Hard plastic – Injection, extrusion
    • Soft plastic – compression moulding
  • Metal parts – extrusion, diecasting, sheet metal,…etc.
  • Material selection per specification requirements.
  • Design S/W: Solidwork


  • PCB Layout
  • DFM
  • RF Circuit design
  • 868MHz, 2.4G,…etc.
  • Design Software: PADS


  • Product software
  • Test / EPS software


Blitech professional engineering team is success to get many copyright certificates (measurement technology related), Utility model patents, and Invention patents.


Manufacturing Technology

  • Self-make automatic equipment for productivity & quality
  • Advise Design for Mfg, Assy, Test, Pack, Customization
  • Continuous Re-engineering & Process Innovation

Productivity Training & Motivation

  • Multi-skill training and fast promotion
  • Team productivity bonus and quality circle
  • Quality of work life and belongingness

PCB Assembly

  • High Speed SMT Machine (mounting of 0402 chip component, 0.5mm ball to ball BGA, 0.5mm pitch flat pad IC )
  • Traditional thru-hole wave soldering
  • In Circuit component Testing and dynamic F.G functional test

Precision Assembly Process

  • Precision alignment for dimension/ angle/ torque/ tension
  • Run-in & Burn-in
  • Electronic calibration inside environmental control room

Metal Parts Spot Welding

  • Metal Parts Spot Welding

In-House tester, jig and Fixture Fabrication

  • Precision assembly fixture
  • Low-cost automation
  • Computerized testing

In House Laboratory

Inhouse laboratory was setup to facilitate various evaluations during product development, and also enable the quality department to conduct various quality evaluations more efficiently.

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