Direct Current Energy Meter (Guide Rail Type)

Direct Current Energy Meter (Model DJS1770)

  • Easy to install
  • CPA Certified
  • Rated Voltage:
    • 100V、350V、500V、700、750V、1000V
  • Rated current:
    • 20A、50A(direct connected meter);100A、200A、300A、500A(indirect connected meter)
  • Measurement Channels: 1 / 2 (depend on model)
  • Accuracy class: Class 1, Class 0.5
  • Communication interface: RS485、IR(optional)
  • Communication protocol: DL/T645-2007、MODBUS-RTU(optional)
  • Rich LCD display content

Guide Rail Type DC Energy Meter (1 Channel / 2 Channels).  It adopts LCD display and has RS485 communication function. Suitable for DC measurement of charging piles, storage batteries, solar panels and other DC equipment for power measurement and energy measurement. It can also be used in modern supply / distribution DC power systems such as industrial and mining enterprises, civil buildings, and building automation.


By using high-speed MCU data processing unit, high-precision sampling and metering unit, this meter can achieve high-precision wide-range accurate measurement and fast data analysis. Rich LCD display content and can be customized according to customer requirements. The memory stores various types of data, which can be kept for long time. With temperature compensation at the high-precision crystal oscillator, it effectively ensures the accuracy of the clock within the operating temperature range. It supports RS485 communication ports and industry standard communication protocols. Networking is convenient and flexible.


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