Polyphase Power Smart Meter

The Polyphase Power Smart Meter (hereinafter referred to as “meter”) is a high-precision charge-control smart meter developed to meet the needs of the State Grid Corporation’s smart grid construction. This meter is an multi-function electric energy meter. It is based on electric energy metering that focuses on expanding the functions of information storage and processing, real-time monitoring, automatic control, and information interaction. These functions are added around the construction of a strong smart grid. Meet the purpose of electric energy measurement, marketing management, and customer service.

The local fee control electric energy meter is the main station/electricity sales system that uses virtual media to recharge and parameter settings to realize the fee control function. The encryption and decryption equipment of the main station/sales system is a cryptographic machine. The billing function of the local fee-controlled electric energy meter is completed by the remote master station/electricity sales system; when the user is in arrears, the remote master station/electricity sales system sends a trip command to cut off the power to the user. When the user recharges, the remote master station, the power selling system sends the allow connection command. After the command is valid, the user is allowed to connect.

The meter can accurately measure the combined reactive energy, direct and indirect active energy, four-quadrant electrical energy and reactive energy. It has the time-sharing metering function and the metering function of the split-phase active power energy. It can accurately record the maximum forward active power demand and can be measured in real time. Process grid parameters such as active power, reactive power, apparent power, voltage, current, power factor, and frequency; it can realize time-sharing control, automatic storage of meter reading and daily electricity demand data; it can also realize large-capacity record of load curve, power grid Quality records, current operating status records of the instrument, grid event records and other functions. According to different types, the cost-controlled electric energy meter adopts built-in or external load switch. Taking into account factors such as the electric energy metering box and convenient management, the maximum current of the electric energy meter should not exceed 60A when the built-in load switch is used in the cost-controlled electric energy meter (the capacity of the configured load switch should not be less than 80A). With modulated infrared communication and RS485 communication.

The instrument adopts large-scale integrated circuit and SMT processing technology, and its design and manufacturing have reached the modern international advanced level. The instrument uses the key components of international famous brands, which is highly reliable and has a long life; the bottom shell and cover of PC (polycarbonate) material that are heat-resistant and flame-retardant and have good comprehensive performance are selected, and the structure is reasonable, fast and durable, and rain-proof. Excellent insulation and sealing performance; the meter’s clock battery and the battery for power-off meter reading are independent of each other, and the battery for power-off meter reading is reasonable in design and easy to replace and maintain.


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