Single Phase Energy Meter (Guide Rail Type)

Rated voltage: 220V
Rated current: 5 (60) A
Pulse constant: 1200imp/kWh
Accuracy level: Active energy level 1.
Power resolution: 0.01kWh

The energy meter adopts a built-in hardware clock circuit with temperature compensation function, and has the functions of calendar, timing and leap year automatic switching. At the reference temperature, the clock accuracy is ≤±0.5s/d, the electric energy meter can be used for broadcasting time calibration, and the broadcasting time calibration range shall not be greater than 5 min. Only one time calibration is allowed per day.

The energy meter have two sets of rate time periods. These can be automatically switched by setting the time in advance. At least 2 time zones can be set for each set of rate time periods throughout the year, at least 8 time periods can be set within 24 hours, and time periods can be set across zero.


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