Three-phase Multi-function Power Smart meter

  • Voltage channel:
    • Reference voltage:  3P4W,3×220/380V; 3P3W,3×57.7/100V; 3P3W,3×100V
    • Rang of measure 10V 1.2Un
    • Measure accuracy 0.2%
  • Current channel:
    • Related current In: 1A、 1.5A、 5A
    • Rang of measure: 0.001In 10A
    • Measure accuracy 0.2%
  • Power:
    • Active, reactive and apparent power
    • Measure accuracy 0.2%
  • Frequency:
    • Range of measure 45Hz 65Hz
    • Measure accuracy 0.2%
  • Metrological:
    • Active energy: Class 0.5s
    • Reactive energy: Class 2
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Polyphase Power Smart meter was designed with chips and technology. Under the premise of ensuring quality and stability, it also has the advantages of small size and convenient installation. The instrument uses a large-screen multi-line LCD liquid crystal display, which can communicate with RS485. The communication interface and the host computer and equipment realize the data exchange function, and realize the digital and networked intelligent measurement control system.

It greatly facilitates the automatic management of electricity consumption, mainly for the three-phase voltage, three-phase current, and active power in the power line. Real-time measurement and display of power, reactive power, power factor, frequency, electricity and other parameters. Limit alarm, switch input and output functions, which can replace conventional measurement indicating instrument, electric energy meter, multi-function.

The meters and related auxiliary units are widely used in various control systems, energy management systems, substation automation, distribution network automation, smart buildings, smart switchboards, switch cabinets.

Product features
This meter adopts high-precision sampling and metering special integrated circuit and high-speed MCU data processing circuit, which can achieve high precision and wide range of accurate measurement and fast data analysis; adopts segment type wide viewing angle multi-line liquid crystal display, FSTN liquid crystal, with white backlight source function, can meet the requirements of data access in dark environment; use non-volatile memory to store various data, which can be used for a long time save data and not lose at power out; support RS485 communication interface.


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