Level 1



Competitive manufacturing service, improving cost, quality & time to market

Business partner:

Fully developed product, transfer manufacturing 

Level 2



Complimentary design support + Regulatory approbation + Level 1 service

Business partner:

Design collaboration

Level 3



Full design support + Level 2 service

Business partner:

Product ideas, Industrial design or competitor’s reference sample

Value Added Services

Mechanical and Electronic Design


  • Product Appearance

  • Product Structure

  • DFM

  • S/W Solid work

  • FMEA, pFMEA support

Mechanical parts (Plastic + Metal)

  • Parts Design

  • Hard plastic – Injection, extrusion

  • Soft plastic – compression


  • Metal parts – extrusion,


    , sheet metal,…etc.

  • Material selection per specification requirements.


  • PCB Layout

  • DFM

  • RF Circuit design

  • 868MHz, 2.4G,…etc


  • Product software

  • Test / EPS software

Manufacturing Service

Manufacturing Technology

  • Self-make

    automatic equipment for productivity & quality

  • Advise Design for Mfg, Assy, Test, Pack, Customization

  • Continuous Re-engineering & Process Innovation

Productivity Training & Motivation

  • Multi-skill training and fast promotion

  • Team productivity bonus and quality circle

  • Quality of work life and belongingness

PCB Assembly Capability

  • High Speed

    SMT Machine (mounting of 0402 chip component, 0.5mm ball to ball BGA, 0.5mm pitch flat pad IC )

  • Traditional thru-hole wave soldering

  • In Circuit component Testing and dynamic F.G functional test

Precision Assembly Process

  • Precision alignment for dimension/ angle/ torque/ tension

  • Run-in & Burn-in

  • Electronic calibration inside environmental control room

RF & Communication Product Manufacturing

  • RF product manufacturing

  • Data communication product manufacturing

In-House tester, jig and Fixture Fabrication

  • Precision assembly fixture

  • Low-cost automation

  • Computerized testing

Traceability Control & Statistics

  • Bar-Coded serial no. traceable to version & final test record

Metal Parts Spot Welding

  • Highly reliable copper terminals spot welding

Final Assembly & Calibration

  • Develop automation equipment’s for workstation and assembly

  • Develop automation test equipment’s for calibration and final test

  • Bar-coded serial number traceable to version & final test record


  • Manufacturing Processes Management

  • Cost Reduction Program

    • Since Blitech understand that product cost is one of the key factors of a product’s success, cost reduction program will be proposed to serve the needs of our privileged business partners. Three major areas:

      • Volume discount for material & Labor efficiency improvement

      • More automated assembly and inspection process

      • Engineering change specification and vendor

  • Quality Control

    • Design Quality Assurance

      • Clear Box QFD, Relia/Safety Margin, PVR (Process Validation Report)

      • Black Box Severe Test: DOE (Design of Experiment), FMEA

    • Manufacturing Quality Assurance

      • Process Control: SPC, Cpk,

      • Product Control: SQC AQL double-sampling

      • System Control: Computerised Traceability

    • Quality System & Regulatory Compliance

      • System Certified: ISO9001, ISO14001, JEMIC