The alarm bell of the energy storage power station is ringing again, this time it’s Tesla

The alarm bell of the energy storage power station is ringing again, this time it’s Tesla

According to reports, at 10:15 am local time on July 30th, Australia, the Tesla Megapack energy storage system in Victoria, Australia deflagrated during the test. There was an open flame and smog.

From the scene of the accident, a container containing 13 tons of lithium-ion batteries was completely ignited. 15 fire trucks and more than 150 firefighters were rescued at the scene to prevent the fire from spreading to other batteries. Although the fire is under control and closely monitored, it may take 8-24 hours to wait until the battery burns completely on its own.

Victorian ambulance personnel monitored the health of firefighters at the scene. A toxic smoke warning was issued near Geelong. Residents have been warned to close windows, turn off air conditioners, fireplace flues and bring pets indoors.

The AEMO stated that the energy storage system has been disconnected from the main grid and has been isolated and has “no impact” on the power supply.

As an international leader in early research and application of energy storage power stations, Tesla did not escape the bad luck of deflagration of energy storage power stations. It can be preliminarily judged that the long-term safety of the energy storage power station is really worrying. The relatively gratifying thing about the Tesla Energy Storage Power Station this time is that there was no chain explosion and it did not cause greater losses.

It seems that the batteries of energy storage power stations are assembled with multiple batteries, and the performance of each battery is actually impossible to be completely consistent. As long as there is a part of the problem, it may be transmitted to the entire energy storage power station. In the past, everyone discussed the echelon utilization of electric vehicle power batteries, most of which only analyzed its economic benefits, but few people paid attention to engineering issues. The use of echelon power batteries in energy storage power stations would cause more problems. From the perspective of the fire extinguishing process of the Beijing energy storage power station, the southern area is extinguishing fire, but the explosion occurred in the north area. Therefore, the existing fire extinguishing technology is not suitable for dealing with the fire of the energy storage power station. If the electric bicycle battery catches fire, it can only be burnt while extinguishing, until it burns out. Based on these characteristics of the battery, I believe that the current development direction should not only study the technology of the battery itself, but also strengthen the research on the engineering design of energy storage power stations. Starting from the electrical and thermal conduction characteristics of the battery, strengthen the research on engineering isolation technology.


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