Offering Manufacturing Service

Reliable and Responsible Manufacturer


Excellent Production Quality

ISO 9001, 14001, Intellectual property governance system

Approved supplier of Japan utilities and Japan Electric Meters Inspection Corporation

Numbers at year 2018:

Process Quality Inspection FPY (First pass yield):  94.5%

Outgoing Quality Monthly Inspection pass rate: 98.8%;

Customer returned PPM: 360.2PPM

On Time Delivery


Numbers at the year 2018:

Yearly performance: 99.1%

Around 700Kpcs Meters were shipped at year 2017 and 2018

Over 1Mpcs Medical Products S/A and 6Kpcs Medical Products Finished Goods at year 2018

Professional Technical Support

Good technology team can support for different projects.

Experience in Meters production for Global market.

Numbers at year 2018:

6 copyright certificates (measurement technology related)

12 practical patents were released authorization from the government.

2 invention patents and 2 practical patents are in applications.  The government has accepted the application and approval are in progress.